Administrators track system usage through System Reports. Statistics provide information about the number of courses, users, overall usage, and cumulative hits. Reports may also be exported and viewed as a text file or in a spreadsheet program.

  • The Event Tracking option must be set to Yes on the Auto-Reporting Options page to record system statistics.
  • To ensure system performance, the database only stores data for the last 180 days. Activity that occurred before 180 days will not be included in the report.

Run statistics reports

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Tool and Utilities, select System Reporting.
  2. Select Statistics Reports.
  3. Select Run from the report's menu. 
  4. The Run Reports page opens.  Under Report Specifications, select the report's parameters:  
    • Select Format: Choose an output format for the report: PDF,  HTML, Excel, or Word. NOTE: Charts must be run in PDF or HTML format.
    • Select a Start Date:  Select a beginning date for the data to include.
    • Select an End Date: Select an end date for the data to include. NOTE: If you want to include data from today's date, select the end date for tomorrow. Statistics are returned based on a day that begins at midnight and ends at 11:59 PM. Statistics for the present day won't be accurate up to the minute of the request. There will be a short time delay based on the time it takes the database to record the activity.
  5. Select Submit. After the report processes, you can choose to save it to the Content Collection, download it to your device, or run a new report using different reporting criteria.

Types of statistic reports

To see a report of an individual user's activity across courses, run the User Activity Overview Report, available in the menu next to a username in the Users area of the Admin Panel.

  • Course Activity Overview: Displays overall activity within a single course, sorted by student and date. Data includes the total and average time spent per active student and the total amount and type of activity each student had in the course. Optionally, you can filter the report by one or more groups. Only students who are members of the selected groups are included in report results.
  • Debug Runtime Environment: Provides feedback on the Blackboard Learn runtime environment.
  • Overall Summary of Usage: Displays a summary of overall Blackboard Learn system usage. NOTE: Number of Active Users includes any user who logged into Blackboard in the past 30 days (prior to the most recent midnight). This metric ignores the start and end dates set for the report. 
  • Site Page Views: Displays the average number of page views and course page views per month and per day.
  • Tracking Reports: Displays detailed statistics for courses and organizations.
  • User Activity Overview: Displays overall system and course activity for all users, including average logins and time spent, and statistics on user activity by course.
  • User Statistics: Displays the average number of total users, students, and instructors per month and per day.