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20:39, 6 Nov 2014

Blackboard creates videos to help students and instructors learn to use Blackboard. We create new videos when new features are introduced to Learn. We update existing videos when user interactions change for a feature or function.

These videos are available in English only.

What Happened to the On Demand Learning Center?

Blackboard has updated the Learn videos to MP4 format and is serving them from YouTube. All of the videos are embedded in the relevant help topics, but you can browse our playlists to access the videos directly. We changed the format of the On Demand Learning Center for many reasons:

  • Videos that are served from YouTube are more accessible and play on mobile devices. Now you can watch a video on your iPad while working in your course. 
  • You can leave comments for us and rate our videos on YouTube.
  • You can include our videos in your own YouTube playlists.

The links to the existing Flash format* Learn 9.1 videos that appeared on the On Demand Learning Center remain live, and you can access them using the original direct link and from the Video Archives page in help. 

*Flash video will not play on all devices.

What Do I Need to Do?

If you have added links to existing On Demand videos in your training materials and websites, they will not break. However, each On Demand landing page redirects to a role specific video topic in help for instructors and students.

To ensure that you have the latest versions of the tutorials, review our videos on YouTube and update your links as time allows.

Student On Demand Videos

Blackboard Learn: For Students: The complete series of short video tutorials to help students use the various Blackboard Learn tools to be successful online.

Working in Your Course: A playlist to help students learn how to access course content, take tests, turn in assignments, and other course related activities.

Staying Organized and Communicating:  A playlist to help students use course tools to communicate and and manage course work.

Setting Your Preferences and Environment: A playlist to help students customize their Blackboard experience and set their preferences.

Instructor On Demand Videos

Blackboard Learn: For Instructors: The complete series of short video tutorials to help instructors learn how to use tools, design their courses, and assess students.

All On Demand Videos

Blackboard Learn: On Demand Tutorials: The complete playlist for the entire series of video tutorials for students and instructors.

Quick Hit Videos

Quick Hit Video Playlist: A series of very short videos that give an overview to new features in Blackboard Learn.

BlackboardTV on YouTube

BlackboardTV is our official YouTube™ channel offering many different types of videos, including the On Demand videos. Some are produced by Blackboard and others are produced by institutions, IT professionals, teachers, and instructional designers. Topics range from a short overview of a new feature to longer recordings of webinars. Use existing playlists that group videos together or create your own.

Have a Video to Share?

If you are interested in submitting your video to BlackboardTV, send us a message with a link to your video.

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