Users can access all their course calendars from the base navigation.

For your users, the global calendar displays events and dates from multiple courses in one location. All due dates and meetings instructors create in their courses appear automatically on the calendar. Events students add appear on their personal calendars only. Instructors can also choose to add events to their personal calendars. The user is the only one who can view personal events.

Users can add external calendar files to import multiple events at once. Similarly, instructors and students can share their Learn calendars with external programs with a link.

As an administrator, you can also add events to the Institution calendar. Institution events appear on all users' global calendars and in their activity streams. Select the plus sign on the global calendar and select Add Event. In the panel, expand the Add to Calendar menu and select Institution. Or, you can add an institution event from the Admin Panel > Tools and Utilities > Calendar. From this location, only the Institution calendar appears.

Different global regions have different calendar conventions, including which day displays as the first day of the week. The calendar displays the most common convention for the first day of the week based on a user's selected language. You can change your language in the user profile. You can customize the first day of the week for language packs.

The Original Course View calendars also roll up into the global calendar.

Course calendar

When users access the calendar from the Ultra Course View navigation bar, it shows events for that course only.

In the Original Course View, instructors access the course calendar on the Control Panel > Course Tools > Course Calendar or from a customized link they add to the course menu. Students can access the course calendar from the course menu link or from the Tools page.

The course calendar displays due dates, the course schedule, office hours, and course-specific meetings and events. When instructors create content with a due date, it automatically shows in the calendar.

All events instructors create within a specific course roll up into the global calendar. They can switch over to the big picture in their global calendars in the base navigation. Students can't add or delete events on a course calendar.

Configure calendars

You don't need to maintain the Ultra Course View calendar or manage settings. The tool is always on in the base navigation in the Ultra experience. You can't turn it off.

Users can select the Calendar Settings icon in the upper-right corner to select the calendars they want to see. For example, they can choose My Personal Calendar to view the events they added. If a user hides one of their courses, those due dates and course events won't appear on the global calendar.

For the Original Course View calendar, you can turn the tool on and off in the Admin Panel > Tools and Utilities > Tools > search for the tool.

Watch a video about Calendar to see what your users see

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: Calendar shows how to use the calendar.

View the calendar from the instructor's point of view

View the calendar from a student's point of view

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