This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Submission receipts are useful if you ever need to prove that you submitted your work, which is why it’s important to always save them. 

Every time you submit an assignment or test, a window appears with a submission confirmation number. Using the confirmation number, your instructor can find the submission for verification.

The submission receipt modal displays the confirmation number, which students must save.

The receipt includes the following information: 

  • Course name and ID.
  • Assessment name. 
  • Assessment grade. 
  • Number of attempts for an assessment. 
  • The student who submitted the assessment. 
  • Size of any file included with the submission, which gives instructors an idea of what you attached. 
  • Submission date and time stamp. If the assessment was submitted late, it's indicated here. 
  • Auto submit indicator - Appears when the assessment is automatically submitted by Learn as part of a timed assessment or the Prevent Late Submission assessment setting

You can download a .txt file with the receipt information directly from the window. You also receive a copy of the submission receipt via an automatic email confirmation.