This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

About forms

Forms can be used in a variety of situations to get feedback from your students. You can use a form to place students in a clinical experience or learn about student interests and opinions.

The following question types are supported in a form:

  • Essay question
  • Likert question
  • Multiple Choice question
  • True/False question
  • Text
  • Local File
  • File from Cloud Storage

Topics on this page include:

Create a form

Forms are created in the same way as other assessments. You can assign forms to an entire class or to a group. On the Course Content page, select the plus button anywhere it appears when you hover over the main content area.

Options on the Course Content page, showing the Create panel to the right

Scroll down to the Assessments section, then select Form.

Add, edit, and delete questions

Add a question

Select the plus button to add a question to a form.

Form page, prompting the user to create a new question and highlighting the plus icon

This opens the dropdown menu for question types. Select the question type that you want and enter information into the various fields for the question. For more information, see Question Types.

The forms page, showing the dropdown menu for question types

The dropdown menu also has the following additional options: 

  • Add page break — Add breaks to make it easier for students to navigate the form. 
  • Add text/local file/file from Cloud Storage — Allow students to add extra content at the end of the form by toggling the option at the end of the form. Students can add text, images, and files. 
  • Reuse questions — Copy questions from existing Forms within the same course. To find a question, you can filter by keyword, source, and question type. You can edit a copied question once it's added to the form. 

Select Save when you’ve completed creating the question. 

Edit or delete a question

To edit or delete a question, select the More options menu above a question. For more information, see Edit Tests and Questions.

The More options menu dropdown is highlighted

Form settings

By default, forms are hidden from students. You must set the form to be visible to students before students will be able to access the form on their Course Content pages. You can also add release conditions to a form. 

The Content and Settings tab of the form page, showing the visibility dropdown open

Under Form Settings, you can adjust the due date, grade category, whether the form is graded or not, and how many attempts students have to complete the form. For more setting options, select the Settings button at the top of the section. For more information, see Assessment Settings.

View submissions and student activity

Go to the Submissions tab of the form to view all student submissions.

The submissions tab, showing that 2 out of 8 students have submitted the form and there's 2 forms to grade

Select a student’s name to see their responses in the grading view.

The grading view of a form, showing a student's submission

Ungraded forms will not have grading options available. You can leave feedback for a student by selecting the large plus icon beside the student’s response. For more information about grading student submissions, see Grading Tasks.

You can also download all student responses as a CSV file by selecting the More options menu on the submissions page. Select Download all from the dropdown.

Submissions tab with the More options menu highlighted, showing the Download all option

You can view more information about how students are interacting with the form through the Student Activity tab. For more information, see Student Activity Details for Assessments.

Student Activity Details tab