How do I restrict participant permissions?

Participants in Collaborate sessions may have a number of permissions available. These permissions include: controlling the whiteboard, sharing video/audio, and chat. To manage the default state of these permissions for participants, got to create a new session.

How do I use unique  session  links?

Using unique session invitation links, rather than open, guest links, are is the best way to ensure only the participants that should be in a Collaborate session is are able to access it. Using Collaborate session invitations is easy, the instructions for setting up invitations is are located in create and manage sessions.

Session roles and permissions are an additional way to configure a participant’s permissions within a Collaborate session.

More on how to manage roles and permissions

How do I restrict  access to my Collaborate sessions? 

Guest links are public links that anybody who has the link can use. For example, if you send the link to a student and they share the link, anybody they share the link with can join, and so on. If you want to keep your session secure, don't use guest links.

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Are you still using Collaborate Original?

Now is a great time to plan to move to Collaborate Ultra. It is easy to move from Collaborate Original to Collaborate Ultra. Follow the instructions on the move to Collaborate Ultra page. 

Please note: Collaborate Original will be phased out according to the schedule on Behind the Blackboard.