Create announcements to keep your students on track. In the Blackboard Instructor app, you create and view announcements within individual courses.

The app currently supports course announcements for Original courses only. When users access an Ultra course in the app, the announcements tool doesn’t appear.

View announcements

Tap Announcements on the course overview to see current and past announcements including sender, date, and message. For long announcements, tap to see all of the announcement's text.

Announcements support viewing of rich text and media. However, you only can create announcements with rich text and and media in the web experience at this time. In the app, you can create plain text announcements.

Create announcements

Tap the Create button to write a new announcement. You can schedule announcements to send at a later time and you can send an email copy to users. If you don’t see these features, your institution needs a system update.

Where do students see announcements?

In the Blackboard app, students see current announcements within individual courses and in the Activity Stream. When students access Blackboard on a web browser, they see announcements you created within the app in their course and on the My Institution tab.