Report definitions create the structure for the report. When a report is run, data is pulled from the system and applied to the report definition to create a structured report. Administration of report definitions is accessed from the Administrator Panel's Tools and Utilities area under System Reporting.

On the Reports Definitions page, administrators can view and modify information about the report definitions. Administrators may create and assign tags to help organize report definitions.

Administrators can edit the title and description of report definitions as well as determine the availability of each report definition with Outcomes Assessment.

Report context

Reports are generated using the data from the context in which is run. For example, a report that gathers data from a course will automatically pull information related to the course and display it appropriately within the report. Reports run at higher levels of the system or in the Outcomes Assessment module will pull in information related to the business units, terms, or courses depending on the nature of the report and the options selected when run.

Add, delete, and edit report definitions

Interested clients can work with Blackboard Education Services to create additional user-defined report definitions. Report definitions can be edited or deleted from the system by selecting the appropriate command in the menu for a particular report definition.


Report definitions must be made available within a context before they can be used in the Outcomes Assessment to generate reports. Report availability can be set at the system level as well as for specific contexts, including or not including the dependents of the selected contexts. To set the availability for a report definition, select Availability in the menu for a particular report definition.