Restricting Original Course View Course Copy workflow – 3900.91

Blackboard Learn SaaS 
Ultra Experience 
Original Course View 
Impact: Instructors and Administrators
Related Topic: Copy Courses 

We have added a restriction to the Course Copy workflow in Original courses. Users can no longer push a copy from an Original course to an Ultra course. We made this change to reduce the likelihood of an Ultra course becoming corrupted. The Original Course Copy workflow was never designed for copies into an Ultra course.

Instructors can still copy from one Original course to another. For Ultra courses, instructors should always start a copy process from the Ultra course.

Image 1. Copies to Ultra courses are blocked when copying from Original

Copy Course workflow in Original

Users can copy course materials from Original to Ultra by using Copy Items in an Ultra course. They can copy an entire Original course into an Ultra course. They also have the option to pick and choose which items they want to copy into an Ultra course. 

Image 2. Users can copy content from Original to Ultra using Copy Items

Ultra Experience Management page in the Admin panel, showing the option to Convert Content to Learning Modules at the bottom

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed. Administrator copy processes aren’t changed in this release. While unchanged, admins should use caution when copying from Original to Ultra. The admin copy workflow can have the same types of issues and can lead to course corruption. If possible, try to limit to doing only full course copies using the admin copy workflow.

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