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Reduced motion setting – 3900.91

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Ultra Experience 
Ultra Course View, Original Course View 
Impact: Administrators
Related topic: Accessibility Overview

The Ultra Experience has animated elements such as panels opening and closing. Some users may prefer or need to reduce animations and motion. Many devices and operating systems have settings to reduce non-essential motion. 

We added support for the ‘prefers-reduced-motion’ feature to select animated panels. Panels will snap into place when users have configured reduce motion. Before they used a swiping motion.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. It is also available for the Original course panel when Base Navigation is enabled. Users should use device settings for reducing motion.

  • iOS: Accessibility > Motion > Reduce motion (on)
  • Android: Settings > Accessibility > Remove Animations (on)
  • Windows: Settings > Accessibility > Visual effects > Animation effects (off)
  • Mac OS: System Settings > Accessibility > Display > Reduce motion (on)

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