Ally 2.9.0 | Release to production: March 07, 2024

Vimeo and HTML5 video caption checking is now available for HTML and WYSIWYG content

As part of our efforts to expand our support for more types of video content, Ally now can flag Vimeo or embedded HTML5 videos that do not have captions or may have automated captions. This helps instructors quickly identify if video content is accessible and increases the awareness of the importance of accurate captions for student video content.

Ally will identify and highlight videos from Vimeo and videos embedded via HTML5 within the Ally instructor feedback.   Keeping with our current approach to scoring YouTube videos, flagged Vimeo and HTML5 videos will not change the overall accessibility scores and will be shown as 100% in the Instructor Feedback panel.

Image 1:  Video highlighted within Ally’s Instructor Feedback Preview

Accessibility checker with video without captions flagged

Note for Administrators:  Opting In to New Vimeo Configuration Settings

Checking for public and private videos in Vimeo is an opt-in feature that administrators can choose to configure based on your institutional needs.  Ally admins will see a new configuration tab for Vimeo where it is possible to configure and manage the institution’s Vimeo account token to enable Ally’s caption check.  Once configured, Ally video checks count towards your institution's Vimeo account and apply to any associated rate limits that you may have.

If you do not configure your Vimeo settings, Ally will not pick up on any embedded Vimeo videos.

(Please note that HTML5 video checking does not require any admin configuration.)

This is a go-forward change that only affects newly added or updated HTML files or WYSIWYG content after this release.

For additional information on this feature and Vimeo configuration, please see Caption Checks for Videos

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the issue highlighting and issue navigation from showing for issues within the Instructor Feedback Preview in D2L Brightspace integrations.  Fixed an issue where the Ally Instructor Feedback displayed "Oops! Something seems to have gone wrong. Please try again later” when HTML files are flagged as having empty headers in D2L that prevented instructors from seeing the score and guidance.
  • Fixed an issue in D2L Brightspace where Ally quick fixes for Empty Headers within the Instructor Feedback were sometimes applying the fix for multiple instances even if the “Apply For All” option was not selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the term dropdown and trend chart  were not showing all the terms in the Institutional Report Overview when admins selected the “By Term” view.
  • Fixed an issue for Learn integrations where WYSIWYG content for external links was not being picked up correctly within the Course Accessibility Report after a course copy.
  • Implemented performance and stability improvements to Ally’s processing for generating alternative formats.