Rubric Evaluations API Enhancements

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Impact: Administrators
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Rubrics provide educators with a structured approach for assessing student work. We continue to enhance the rubric evaluations APIs. Now we have endpoints to create and update rubric evaluations to gradable items associated with a rubric.  

Developers will gain access to the following endpoints:

  • POST …/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/rubrics/{rubricId}/associations/{rubricAssociationId}/evaluations
  • PATCH …/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/rubrics/{rubricId}/associations/{rubricAssociationId}/evaluations/{evaluationId}

Before using these options, consider the following tips for a smooth experience:

  • When using the PATCH method, include the cells intended for update. Confirm that at least one cell relates to the evaluationId provided in the URL.
  • Provide only one value per aspect in the rubric cells. Check that it matches the rubric definition.
  • Before creating or updating rubrics, verify that the gradebook grade allows for such changes. This step ensures accurate and reliable assessment data.

For administrators: The REST integration user must have the "Course/Organization Control Panel (Grade Center) > Full Control" entitlement.

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