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Anonymous posts for Discussions – 3900.89

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Impact: Instructors and Students
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Discussions play a pivotal role in nurturing peer-to-peer interaction and critical thinking. Students need to feel free to express their ideas and opinions without fear of judgement. To support this, we've added an option for instructors to allow anonymous posts in ungraded discussions. This feature provides flexibility for instructors. They can toggle anonymity on or off as the discussion progresses. Any existing anonymous posts keep their anonymity. 

Image 1. Setting to turn on anonymous posts

Discussions settings panel, with Allow anonymous responses and replies checked off

Image 2. A student making an anonymous post

Editor showing a student's response with an Anonymous icon beside the editor

Image 3. An anonymous post in a discussion

Discussion post showing that the poster is Anonymous

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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