Illuminate February 2024 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 21 February 2024
Reporting, Updated Features

Our February 2024 release includes:

  • Illuminate has a new URL: Users can still access Illuminate using the previous URL.
  • In Settings, under the Snowflake Account Settings tab, a credit burndown chart is now available for better control of the institution's monthly credit usage.

    A credit burndown chart is now available in the Snowflake Account Settings tab
  • Other improvements and bug fixes:
    • In Learning, in the Student Summary Report: We fixed an issue with the Course ID value. It now appears in the Course summary Report for consistency between reports. Additionally, in the Activity Log Tab, we are now filtering out “Root” and “Interactive” elements from the item column.
    • In Teaching, in the Instructional Practice Report: We resolved an issue with the filter controls of the Virtual Classroom Engagement Tab and updated the Collaborate Session calculations for consistency within the report.
    • In Leading, in the Course Administration Report: We addressed an issue related to the percentage of new updated items. Previously, it filtered out any items created before the course creation date, resulting in always showing a 100% percentage and an artificially low item count. This issue was solved by modifying the logic behind the course item count to consider items created or modified after the course creation time, thus removing the template items.
    • In Leading, in the Learning Platform Adoption Report: The LMS Activity Tab now includes 4 levels of Institutional Hierarchy, allowing Institutions to set their own context and zoom in on the data they need.
  • In Custom Reports, Authors can enjoy a better user experience with an improved frame and expand/collapse actions.