Better control over "Student Alerts" notifications for instructors - 3900.84

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Impact: Instructors, Administrators

Notifications of certain student-related alerts help instructors be more aware of students who may be at risk. To help, we've made it easy for instructors to control what student alerts they receive in their Activity Stream.

The “Student Alerts” options are:

  • Low overall grade
  • Missed due date alert
  • and Last access alert

Image 1. “Student Alerts” section in the Activity Stream’s notifications settings

Improvements to student alerts

Image 2. A student alert notification with a low overall grade, last access, and missed due date alerts

Notification settings for student alerts

Administrators can control these 3 notifications at the institutional level in the administrator panel.

Notifications are:

  • Student Last Access Alert  for Instructors
  • Student Low Overall Grade Alert  for Instructors
  • Students Missed Due Dates Alert  for Instructors

Image 3. “Notification Settings” menu in the administrator panel

Student alerts displayed in the activity stream

Key considerations:

  • These alerts are only available for courses.
  • Courses must have at least 10 students and no more than 2000 students. Courses with enrollments outside of that range won’t receive notifications.
  • Notifications for these alerts are sent nightly only when new alerts are met.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. 
To view the Course Activity and Student Activity Details reports, the user’s role needs to have “Course/Organization Control Panel (Grade Center) > View Grades” privilege. These notifications are based on the values set in the Course Activity alert settings.

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