Feedback on override and automatic zero grades for Tests and Assignments – 3900.84

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Impact: Instructors, Students

Feedback is crucial for students as it supports and shapes their learning journey. Now, instructors can give feedback for overridden tests, assignment grades, and automatic zeros. This option appears in the Gradebook grid view, and the Submissions list after the override or automatic zero is entered.

Image 1. Feedback from the grid view

Feedback from grid view

Image 2. Feedback from the submission list 

Feedback from submission list

Image 3. Feedback panel

Feedback panel

Override feedback on group submissions will be supported in a future release.

Additionally, instructors can now upload feedback for students as part of the offline grading process. In the past, only uploaded grades were visible to students.

Students can view override feedback after grades are posted.

We also improved students' access to the feedback. Now, feedback for all attempts on a test or assignment is visible in a panel.

Image 4. Student view of feedback

Student view of feedback

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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