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Audio/Video Recording in feedback: Usability improvements – 3900.84

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Impact: Instructors

Audio/video feedback is a more personalized and engaging means for providing feedback. It is beneficial for addressing complex concepts and sharing detailed explanations. To ensure easy and clear access to this tool, we have exposed the Audio/Video option on the feedback toolbar. When in use, the recording window appears on the right side of the screen so that the instructor can view the student submission. The instructor can scroll through a student's response while recording their feedback. The instructor can maximize the recording window for better visibility.

Image 1. Audio/Video recording on the main tool bar

Audio visual tool on main tool bar

Image 2. Audio/Video recording window in default state

AudioVideo tool recording window in default state

Image 3. Audio/Video recording window in maximized state

AudioVideo tool recording window when maximized

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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