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Impact: Instructors

File management is important to many institutions that want to be cognizant of their digital footprint. To help instructors understand the usage of files in their course, we've created the Unused Files tool. This tool helps instructors find and delete course files that are not in use. Instructors can locate the Unused Files tool in the three-dot menu on the Course Content page. 

Image 1. Unused Files tool

Unused Files tool

There are two views available: unused files (default view) or all files. The file name, upload date, and file size display along with an option to download a copy of the local file. Instructors can easily delete unused files. 

Image 2. List of unused files

List of unused files

Image 3. List of All files 

List of All files

Course roles will need “Course/Organization >Files Manage Files” privileges to access the Unused Files tool.

For administrators: A new configuration option is available from the Configure option in The Ultra Experience is here! module on the Administrator Panel. In the Available Features section, locate “Unused files management.” The default state is on.

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