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Attempt logs for enhanced assessment integrity – 3900.82

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Impact: Instructors

Assessment integrity is a paramount concern for educational institutions. We empower instructors with valuable insights into students' progress for native assessments. The Attempt Logs prove to be an indispensable tool for validating issues students may encounter during an assessment. The logs also help instructors identify signs of academic dishonesty.

For tests, the logs provide the following:

  • Detailed information, including the date and time of the start and answers to each question
  • Question-specific details, such as question number, a preview of the question, and estimated time spent on each question
  • Submission receipt number, final grade, and attempt grade
  • Easy toggling between all in-progress and submitted attempts for comprehensive assessment tracking

Image 1. Test attempt log with multiple attempts made by the student

Test attempt log with multiple attempts made by the student

For Assignments, the logs offer:

  • Start and submission date and time
  • Submission receipt number
  • Seamless toggling between different attempts for a holistic view

Image 2. Assignment attempt log

Assignment attempt log

Instructors can access the Attempt Logs from two primary areas:

  • Context Menu on Submission Page - exclusive to individual assessments
  • Grades Tab under Student Overview Page - available for both group and individual assessments

Image 3. Access from the Submission tab

Access from the Submission tab

Image 4. Access from the Grades tab from the student overview

Access from the Grades tab from the student overview

For anonymous assessments, the report becomes active after grades are posted, and the anonymity is lifted. This ensures that the Attempt Logs report is a robust tool even in scenarios where student identities are initially concealed.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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