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Impact: Administrators

Related topic: Managing LTIs

Some instructors like to integrate content tools so they have more options in their courses. Institutions can integrate third-party tools through LTI. Blackboard Learn had a model of one deployment of a tool to a single domain. Administrators managed that single domain when a tool provider was registered.

Now, administrators can register third-party integrations. After that, they can create multiple deployments of the same tool. These deployments create unique deployment IDs for managing different access credentials. Institutions can now license multiple versions of the same third-party tool. This provides benefits allowing integration for distinct parts of an organization.

Image 1. The Manage Deployments option in tool provider menus

The Manage Deployments option in tool provider menus

Administrators can assign Deployments IDs to nodes based on the organization hierarchy and its integrations.

Image 2. Create a Deployment ID

Create a Deployment ID

After submitting the form, the new deployment IDs display on the “Manage Deployments” page.

Image 3. Deployment ID created

Deployment ID created

Multiple LTI Deployments are available for item creation for course content. LTI links can be added to the course content page. This implementation applies to deep linking and cloud documents. We are planning support for multiple LTI deployments for Books and Tools and the content editor in an upcoming release.
This implementation will be available for LTI 1.3 Tools.

For administrators: This feature is available for System Administrator and System Support. There are no configurations needed.

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