Ally 2.7.8 | Release to production: September 20, 2023

New features

Guidance is now available for HTML and WYSIWYG content with images without Alternative Text 

As part of our continued effort to expand Ally’s guidance and feedback, instructors accessing the Ally Instructor Feedback for HTML files and WYSIWYG content can now find the Ally guidance for images that do not have Alternative Text.  

Screenshot of the Ally Instructor Feedback highlighting the guidance buttons

This guidance provides a detailed description of the issue and a step-by-step guide to teach instructors how to fix this issue. 

Screenshot of the Ally Instructor Feedback showing the guidance to fix alternative text issues

Bugs fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where instructors could not upload files with accented characters in the Ally Instructor Feedback panel. Now characters using the ISO-8859-1 standard are supported.  
  • Fixed an issue in the guidance for password-protected files that caused PowerPoint files to be incorrectly referred to as Word documents within the text displayed to instructors.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Alternative Formats icon was not getting displayed for the Homepage in Canvas courses.  
  • The date picker used in the Ally Institutional Report has been updated and improved for a better visibility an usability