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Impact: Instructors
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Grading rubrics offer a structured framework to assess student work. They ensure both fairness and consistency in grading. Moreover, they furnish students with clear directives to meet desired learning outcomes. However, crafting rubrics can be a time-intensive task. The AI Design Assistant can take the helm in rubric creation, drawing cues from course context. While retaining human-centered authority, instructors can define the rubric. This includes specifying details like descriptions (learning objectives or topics), rubric type (percentage, points, or range), complexity, and dimensions. The rubric remains open to review and refine, guaranteeing the instructor's input at every step.

Rubric generation is an option everywhere we support rubric creation.

Image 1: Generate rubric from a discussion

Generate rubric from a discussion

Image 2: Define the rubric

Define the rubric

Image 3: Name and otherwise edit rubric to add rows, columns, or edit cell descriptions

Name and otherwise edit rubric to add rows, columns, or edit cell descriptions

Image 4: Add generated rubric to a discussion

Add generated rubric to a discussion

On September 11th, 2023, we will release to production environments the option to generate rubrics with the AI Design Assistant. This will need to be enabled by your system administrator and you'll need to belong to a course role with the appropriate privilege assigned.

For administrators: A new Building Block, AI Design Assistant and Unsplash, will be available after test/stage sites are updated to 3900.74. In Installed Tools, select Settings for AI Design Assistant and Unsplash. The default state is 'off.' When this feature is ‘on,’ the privilege will need to be assigned to course roles as necessary, i.e. Instructor. The privileges that need assigning are ‘Search for images using Unsplash’ and ‘Use AI features’.

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