Blackboard Data Reporting July 2023 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 25 July 2023

The July 2023 release of Blackboard Data Reporting includes one new report in Preview release:

Our upcoming Learning Tools Adoption report provides a better understanding of how tools are being used and adopted in the Institution, giving insight into the usage of tools by different user types, courses, and Hierarchy Nodes, as well as allowing easy comparisons of tool adoption within a specific timeframe.   

The report is available for use and can be accessed directly from Blackboard Data Reporting. Please keep in mind that this report is an improvement of the Learning Tools Adoption and Use report, which will still be available in the Leading area.  

We are offering early access to this report to those institutions who opt-in to our Preview Release program. The current version of the report includes the Overview tab and the Comparison tab, with a link to a feedback survey directly in the report. To find out more about the Preview Release program and to opt-in, use the link: Preview Release Opt-in.