Ally 2.6.0 | Release to production: March 8, 2023

Updated features, Learn integration, Canvas integration, Moodle integration, D2L Brightspace integration

Guidance is now available for HTML files containing text with insufficient contrast

Instructors accessing the Ally Instructor Feedback for HTML files with contrast issues can now find the Ally guidance. 

Ally's instructor feedback highlighting the "What this means" and " How to fix contrast" buttons for texts with insufficient contrast.

It provides a detailed description of the issue, and a step-by-step guide to teach instructors how to fix this issue.

Screenshot of Ally's Instructor Feedback guidance on how to fix text with insufficient contrast.

This guidance is available for Learn, Canvas, and Moodle customers. We are working to bring this additional guidance to D2L Brightspace customers as part of a follow-up release.  

NEW Canvas scopes for developer keys have been added for future video support

Ally integrations now include 4 new scopes to the Canvas developer keys to support future development towards extending Ally's existing accessibility checks to more video providers, including uploaded video files within the Canvas LMS.  These new scopes will provide Ally with the appropriate permission to analyze those video files once we release this additional functionality. 


We will announce support for checking uploaded Canvas videos as part of our roadmap plans for the upcoming months.  Until then, existing clients do not need to take any action and your Ally instance will continue working normally, without any additional configuration.  Upon release of the new accessibility check for Canvas videos, we will provide further instructions and steps to reintegrate Ally with these additional scopes. For new clients, these scopes will be included in the standard implementations going forward.  

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Ally's alternative format and scoring indicators, within courses using D2L Brightspace's New Content Experience,  were no longer being displayed due to a conflict with a new pathname within the LMS.