Blackboard Data Access Control

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 21 September 2022

In our September release of Blackboard Data, we are enabling institutional administrators to control who has access to Blackboard Data Developer (Snowflake) and the Settings page (where the service account credentials are managed), or access only to Blackboard Data Reporting.

You can review the full instructions on how to restrict access to Developer and Settings, but, in brief, you need to:

  • Adopt Blackboard Login. If you have not already done so, submit a support ticket requesting help. 
  • Assign a different system role to users who need access only to Blackboard Data Reporting. We recommend a new role with no other permissions. 
  • Submit a support ticket asking for this role to be mapped to the Blackboard Data Report Viewer role. 

We believe this new feature removes a significant barrier to the adoption of Blackboard Data Reporting for some institutions.

Each institution is currently allowed up to 20 seat licenses for Blackboard Data, so we encourage institutions to use these accounts for key institutional decision makers like educational, online learning, and EdTech management.