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Impact: Instructors

Instructors appreciate control over assessment due dates and time limits. Robust assessment settings are necessary to support a range of different scenarios. These settings are also important for academic integrity and honesty in courses. The February release included two new assessment settings. These settings give instructors better control of due dates and time limits.

Settings for Tests and Assignments:

  • "Prohibit late submissions" - Select this setting to enforce a hard deadline and disallow a late submission. In-progress and saved attempts will auto-submit at the due date. Students will receive a submission receipt via email. Specified accommodations are still honored.
  • "Prohibit new attempts after due date" - Select this setting to prevent students from beginning a new attempt after the due date.

We have made changes to the "prohibit late submission" setting.

  • An instructor has selected this setting for an assessment. If students have submitted attempts, the instructor cannot change the due date to a date in the past.
  • If the due date has passed, the instructor will not be able to select the "prohibit late submission" setting.

These changes prevent instructors from triggering the submission of in-progress and saved attempts.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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