Keep your important files saved on the server!

When you add files to courses, they are saved in folders named after the activity or resource in the Server files repository. The repository is organized by folders named after the courses.

Only users with editing privileges have access to server files and folders for a course. Users can browse server files in the file picker that appears when you add or edit a file that is part of a resource or activity. Any teacher with access to a repository can access the server files.

Work with server files

  1. Go to the activity or resource location where the file was added.
  2. Select Edit > Edit Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Select file section.

    You can perform many common file management tasks in this section.

  • Add files in the following ways:
    • Drag new files to this section. They are automatically added to Server files.


    • Select Add. In the file picker, select Server files. Select a file or upload a file.
  • Delete files by selecting the file and selecting Delete in the pop-up window.
  • Overwrite files by dragging a file to the Select files section or by selecting Add > Upload a file. The new file must have the SAME file name as the file you want to overwrite.
  • Create folders to organize files.