Unique ID tool

In previous releases of Learn, external links to the Content Collection files and folders were stored as absolute paths in the database. The problem was that every time these files or folders were moved, the link would break and prevent the user from finding the item.

The Unique ID tool prevents links from breaking when items are moved in the Content Collection. Each item is given a unique ID that never changes, even if the item is moved within the Content Collection. By having a link that refers to the item's ID instead of absolute path, links don't break when the items moves.

This tool can be run more than once in case problems occur.

The system can generate a log file with this tool that shows broken links that could not be reconciled with a Content Collection item.

Use the UniqueID the tool with a log file

  1. From the command line, execute the following command to run the tool and generate a log file: updatecspathtoxythosid > path/filename.txt

    Path is the folder where the log file should be placed, and filename should be the name of the log file.

  2. Press Enter.