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A profile is not the same as your user account.

  • A user account is a reflection of your student registration information at your institution. You can edit your user account information by editing your personal information. To learn more, see How to Edit Personal Information.
  • A profile is a reflection of how you want to present yourself to your peers, classmates, and instructors. In your Blackboard profile, you decide what you want to be called, what your academic interests are, and anything else you want to share with other users.

    Profiles are stored in the Blackboard cloud instead of at your institution. This means that you can keep your profile through your academic and professional life. If you enroll at a different institution or join the workforce, you can maintain your academic relationships and networks using the same profile.

Set Up Your Profile

In the My Blackboard menu, click the empty profile icon to access your profile and add an avatar image.

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If your institution has turned on social media integration, you can copy your Facebook and Twitter picture, description, and email.

If prompted, you must accept the terms of service and provide an email address before setting up your profile.

If you do not see an empty profile image, your institution has not turned on the profiles feature.

Watch a Tutorial

Double-click the video to enlarge the viewing area.

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Profile Avatars

You can upload an image that is used to represent you throughout the system and within the greater Blackboard academic network.

Your personal image appears in the page header, the people tool, blogs, journals, discussions, wikis, and roster. Your avatar also appears in the notifications modules—What's New, Needs Attention, and To Do—that you might see on the My Institution tab or on a course's home page.

The image you upload to your profile page overwrites any other avatar images you have with your user account. If you don't see the empty profile icon in the My Blackboard menu, you may be able to add your image in the global navigation menu. To learn more, see How to Personalize My Settings.

Choose an Email Address

When you first set up your initial profile, you are automatically prompted to provide a primary email. The primary email address is used to identify you in Blackboard Learn at any institution.

Make sure to use a personal email address in your profile because you will likely lose access to the email address provided by your institution when you leave. If you use an address that you will eventually lose access to, you also will eventually lose access to your Profile and all of the relationships that you have built through the network.

The system sends you a verification email containing a link that directs you back to your profile, verifying your identity as the owner of that email address. Once verified, your profile is linked to that email address.

About Profile Privacy Settings

The privacy settings in your personal profile set how your profile appears in the My Blackboard menu. Read each option on the Edit My Profile page carefully to decide which users can view your profile.

  • Public (recommended): If you do not see this option, your institution has not turned it on. If you select this option, anyone with a Blackboard profile can find and view you on the People page. They do not have to be enrolled in the same institution, course, or organization as you. Your name and avatar appear throughout your courses, and users can view a preview of your profile from there.
  • My Institution (recommended): If you select this option, anyone at your institution can find and view you on the People page. They do not have to be enrolled in the same course or organization as you. Your name and avatar appear throughout your courses, and users can view a preview of your profile from there.
  • Private: If you select this option, only users who are enrolled in the same course or organization as you can find and view you on the People page. Your name and avatar appear throughout your courses, and users can view a preview of your profile from there.
  • Hidden: If you select this option, no users can find and view you on the People page. Your name and avatar appear throughout your courses, but users cannot view a preview of your profile from there.

Use the Set Privacy Options in the Settings section to set what information you want to appear throughout your courses. To learn more about the privacy settings, see Changing Your Password, Personal Information, and Settings.

Facebook and Twitter Integration

When you create or edit your profile, you can pull in your profile picture, Facebook-specific email address, and a brief “about me” description from your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

If you do not see Facebook and Twitter integration, your institution has not turned it on.

Make the Most of Your Profile

More workplaces are performing social screening before hiring to evaluate a candidate’s character, personality, and fit with their company. For this reason, present yourself appropriately in your Blackboard profile, which is intended for lifelong academic and professional networking.

Most workplaces are performing social screening to:

  • See how you present yourself.
  • See how well you communicate.
  • See if you would be a good fit with their company culture.
  • Learn more about your qualifications.
  • See if you are well-rounded.
  • Look for reasons not to hire you.

You choose how the world sees you. Give the right impression through the pictures and words you use. Choose photos and topics that convey a professional image of you. Avoid using or saying anything provocative or inappropriate.

Make sure what you say online accurately represents how you want a future employer to see you. Check and recheck what you write before posting. Spelling mistakes look bad and are easy to catch and fix. Post positive and constructive comments. Avoid making discriminatory comments and talking about drinking or using drugs.

As you present yourself online, you must be safe. To learn more, see Protecting Your Reputation and Identity Online.

Post and Comment on Profile Walls

Use your profile wall to update and have conversations with those who follow you.

  • Provide information in the Share Something box and click Post.
  • Comment on a user’s post. Hover over a post or comment and click Comment.
  • To edit, hover over one of your own posts or comments and click Edit. An “EDITED” label appears to make it clear (a) that the post or comment has been edited from its original state and (b) when the most recent edit occurred.

Find and View User Profiles

You can find and interact with anyone with a user profile. If prompted, you must accept the terms of service and provide an email address before viewing profiles for the first time.

  • From your course: Find out who is also enrolled in your course by visiting your course roster and class contributions to blogs, journals, discussions, and wikis.
  • From the People page in My Blackboard.
  • From the Spaces page in My Blackboard.

Previews of profiles are available when you place your mouse pointer over a user’s avatar. Click View Profile to see the full profile and interact with the owner. You can click the flag icon to report inappropriate content in the profile.

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You cannot view the profile of users who have set their profile to hidden or private, if you are not enrolled in the same course or organization they are.

Use One Profile Across Multiple Institutions

You can map multiple Blackboard Learn accounts to a single Blackboard profile in the cloud. This allows you to maintain one profile and the academic relationships you have built across multiple institutions and for the life of your academic career.

You are not required to merge profiles. You can maintain independent profiles by using a different primary email address for each profile.

You cannot reverse merged profiles.

Create New Profiles at New Institutions

Each time you create a profile from a unique Blackboard Learn instance, you are asked to provide a primary email address. If you use the same email address as in the initial set up, the social cloud service asks you to confirm if you want to use the previously created profile.

If you choose to use your previous profile, the system sends another verification email. Click the link in the email to verify you are the owner.

After clicking the link, you are directed to the merge confirmation screen that explains what takes place when you link this subsequent Blackboard Learn account to the profile you created from your initial Blackboard Learn account.

After you merge your profiles, you will only have a single Blackboard profile in the cloud associated with both of your Blackboard Learn accounts.

Merge Existing Profiles

If you have two or more existing profiles already, you can merge them into one profile.

Choose a profile to be your target profile. We recommend choosing a profile that uses the same personal email address as the primary email address.

Edit the primary email field of each of the remaining existing profiles to use the same email address as the target profile. This initiates the merge process.

Any existing activity and relationships—posts, comments, space memberships, followers/following relationships—are merged into the target profile. The avatar, about me, and area of study are only retained from the target profile.


  • You have an existing profile with the email address When setting up a new profile, you enter The new profile—which is empty—is merged into the existing profile.
  • You have two existing profiles, one with as the primary email and another with You change the email for the first to also be, then the profile for "me2" is the target profile because its primary email is not changing. The posts, comments, space membership follower/following relationships from both will all be available in the merged profile. However, the avatar, about me, and area of study of the merged profile will be from the target profile.

Following Other Users

If your institution makes Enhanced Profiles available, you can follow, block, or message a user from their profile card. If you select the Follow button on a user's profile, their posts and comments from their profile walls are aggregated on your Posts page in My Blackboard. The People page in My Blackboard provides access to requests to follow you, who is currently following you, and who you are following.

If profile cards display only a user's name, avatar, nickname, about me information, and academic discipline, your institution does not have Enhanced Profiles.

Terms of Service Agreement

If prompted, users must accept the Blackboard Profile Terms of Service before they can access any of the Cloud Profiles and Social features for the first time. These features include Edit ProfileView Profile (your own or another user’s), People, Messages, or Spaces.

Your institution can include their policy statement. The terms of service contract however, is between you and Blackboard.

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What if I already had a profile created?

If prompted, you must agree to the Blackboard Terms of Service before you can continue using your previously created Profile, or accessing People, Messages, or Spaces. You will be asked to agree to the terms of service the first time you access any of those tools.

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If you agree to the terms of service, all of your profile information and activity will remain the same. If you decline the terms of service, your existing profile and any activity in the social tools, such as wall posts and messages, is deleted permanently. 

Delete Your Profile

The Profile deletion process is irreversible. You can always create a new profile, but it will not “re-attach” to any of your previous data, such as posts made to Spaces and your profile wall.

You can delete your profile by clicking your avatar to access the Edit Profile page. When you click Delete My Blackboard Profile:

  • The Profile is deleted. This includes all of the profile information, the profile card, the avatar photo, the profile wall and its posts, and comments other users made on the profile wall posts.
  • You may not be able to access some content in your courses. Items that had appeared in a user’s Posts stream from the cloud services will be inaccessible.  
  • The People tool is no longer available. You will no longer be able to access the People tool or  view other user’s full profiles, although profile cards will still be viewable.  Your profile will not be discoverable as it no longer exists. Any comments you made on other user’s profile walls will appear as “Deleted User.”
  • The Messages tool is no longer available.  You will no longer be able to access the Messages tool in My Blackboard, and your contributions to existing messages will appear as “Deleted User.” Within your courses, Course Messages and Send Email will continue to function normally.
  • The Spaces tool is no longer available. You will no longer be able to access Spaces. Any previous contributions to Spaces will appear as “Deleted User.”
  • You will appear as anonymous in xpLor. Any contributions to xpLor Forums or submission to xpLor Assignments/Tests will appear as “Deleted User” in the xpLor interface.

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