Reset your Blackboard Data's password

  1. Go to your Snowflake reader account UI and select the Log in using Auth0 button. Alternatively, sign in with your Blackboard Data account.
    Blackboard Data Log in method screen. First option is Sign in with your institutional account and the second option is to Sign in with your Blackboard Data Account.
  2. Select your SaaS hosting Region. 
    Blackboard Data Account Sign in. Select your Learn SaaS hosting region.
  3. From the Blackboard Data Account login page, select the Don’t remember your password? link.
  4. Fill out the email field with the user email with a Blackboard Data account already provisioned. Your account should already be created and activated by Blackboard Provisioning for this process to work.
  5. After you check the email is entered correctly, select SEND EMAIL.
  6. A confirmation message appears on the page.
  7. Check your inbox for an email from Blackboard Data .

    If you can’t find the email, check your spam or junk folder in case the email was mistakenly marked as spam.

  8. In the email, select CONFIRM. The Change Password page appears.
  9. From the Change Password page, set your new password. After you enter and confirm your new password, you'll see a message confirming the password is changed.
  10. Go back to your Snowflake reader account UI, or Blackboard Data Account sign in on the Blackboard Data UI, and log in.