Metadata is descriptive information about an item. In the Content Collection, metadata helps keep large amounts of content organized and searchable for other users. Users can associate different types of metadata, such as a date or a category, with an individual item. To edit an item's metadata, select Metadata in the item's menu.

Your institution determines if this feature is available.

Blackboard Learn comes with four default metadata templates: Dublin Core, Full IMS, General, and IMS. These templates can be made available to all users and edited but can't be deleted from the system. Administrators can designate users to create and edit additional metadata attributes and templates.

In addition, goals that are created in outcomes assessments may also be treated as metadata and used to align Content Collection items. To learn more, see Outcomes Assessment.

Folders and items can be imported and exported with their associated metadata.

Make metadata templates available

Administrators need to make metadata templates available in the Content Collection.

  1. Go to Administrator Panel > Feature and Tool Management > Metadata Templates.
  2. Select Yes to make the metadata template available.
  3. Determine who can access the metadata templates. Choose Everyone to allow every user, or select specific roles to allow limited access.
  4. When finished, select Submit.

Return to this screen to edit metadata template availability in the future.