Blackboard SmartView is a cloud-based software platform that is designed specifically for higher-education institutions to use in a "One-Stop Student/Faculty Services" environment. Your advisors will use SmartView to research and provide secure and accurate solutions to student or faculty who are looking for efficient and effective assistance and to record the entire interaction for tracking and analytics. SmartView also serves as a flexible and extensible framework that can accommodate integration with a wide variety of systems (SIS, CRM, eLS systems, and so on).

SmartView Advisor Desktop is the interface that an advisor uses to manage interactions when a complete 360-degree view is essential to best serve the needs of the student or faculty member. Advisor Desktop presents information retrieved through integration with other institution systems, quickly and seamlessly guides the advisor to find the solution from the Knowledge Base, and provides the means to document the resolution in a case.

SmartView Service Desk is the interface that an advisor uses to review and manage cases created outside of a one-to-one real-time interaction (such as created from an email), or that have been escalated (from the Advisor Desktop) to a higher administrative level. The same Knowledge Base is used to find solutions, and all actions taken are added to the documentation history of the case. Cases proceed through a configured workflow that includes workflow notifications to constituents and advisors alike, all managed within the Service Desk.

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