Administrators can use content organization tools to manage course content and institution folders, organize content inside folders, set up folder permissions, and enable users to share and find content.

Administrators can manage all content in the Content Collection through the Manage Content link on the Administrator Panel or through the Content Collection tab. Administrators are automatically granted manage permissions to all files and folders, allowing them to perform any action on all files and folders. These actions include:

  • Move, copy, rename, and delete all files and folders
  • Create files and folders in all directories
  • Manage all files and folders. This includes setting locks, quotas and permissions.
  • Search all files and folders

Content Collection folders

For administrators, all personal folders appear when the Users, Courses, eReserves, or Organizations folders are opened. For example, when Courses is opened, only folders for courses in which the administrator is enrolled or is the instructor will appear.

Administrators can access and manage all Users, Courses, eReserves and Organizations folders in the Content Collection. All folders and files may be opened through the Find Folder, Search and Go To Location tools.

When the library or Institution Folders are opened, all folders that are available in the Content Collection appear.

Creating course and user folders

When a new course or user is added to Blackboard Learn, their corresponding folders in the Content Collection are not automatically created. A personal folder in /users is automatically created the first time the user enters the Content Collection. A course folder in /courses is automatically created when the instructor enters the Content Collection. Students in a course will not see a course folder unless an instructor or administrator grants them permissions to do so.

A user's home folder (for example, /users/StudentA) or a course folder (for example, /courses/Course ID) is not created until the user has entered the Content Collection at least one time. When the user first enters, the Content Collection generates all appropriate folders for the user.

Additional notes

Administrators should keep the following in mind while managing content:

  • Administrators can assign workflow tasks through the Administrator Panel. Tasks must be edited and tracked through the Content Collection tab.
  • Administrators may set the quota of course folders. A quota should only be set for these folders to manage hardware limits. If possible, leave this field blank.
  • Exercise caution when granting permissions to areas of the Content Collection, as all folders and items inherit permissions from the parent folder. For example, if permissions are granted in the /courses directory, these permissions also exist for everything inside the /courses directory.