A program is a collection of two or more courses connected as prerequisites or corequisites. Completion of these courses culminates in the completion of the program.

Before creating a program in TDM

Best practice is to make sure that all the following have been completed before you create a program in TDM:

  • A TDM admin has created any relevant categories in TDM.
  • You have created any images you want to use for program tiles.
  • A TDM Course Manager has created all the courses that will be a part of the program.

After those tasks have been completed, you can confidently begin building your TDM program.

Create a TDM program

  1. Sign in to TDM.
  2. Select Administration.
  3. Select Program Management.

Add Program

Fill out the information for the program you want to create. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  1. If necessary, type a unique ID. (This may be autogenerated depending on how TDM settings have been configured).
  2. Choose the Language in which the program is offered from the menu.
  3. Type the program Name.
  4. Write a short Summary of the program, which will show in the catalog view, and a full Description of the program that will show on the peek panel when the program is selected in the catalog.
  5. Choose Categories, Tags, and Requirements from the appropriate menu.

Program media settings

Program media settings allow you to add visual elements to program tiles. These elements make programs easier for learners to identify. You can add an image that appears on a program tile; otherwise, the default catalog image is displayed. You can also add a video URL to enable a video playback icon on the image when the program is clicked in the catalog.

  1. Select Change media settings if you want to add an image or video playback icon to your program tile.
  2. Drag a file to the drop zone at the top of the peek panel or select Upload to navigate to the file to add an image.

The image must be at least 310 pixels wide, 126 pixels tall, and no more than 2 MB. It must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF file.

  1. Select the Enable Video toggle if you want to add video playback to your program tile, then add the URL for the video you want to use.

You must use the “Sharable” URL provided for the video.

Media settings
  1. Select the Save button.

Program Dates

  1. Select the Start Date Type and End Date Type for Program Dates, then input each of those dates.
  2. Select the Start Date Type and End Date Type for Enrollment Dates, then input each of those dates.
  3. Set the Availability of the program from the menu and, optionally, set a range of dates during which the program will be available in the catalog. If you make the program available and do not set a date range, it will remain available until its availability is manually changed.

Add courses to the program

Programs are made up of courses, which must be associated with the program.

  1. Select the purple plus sign in the Program Courses section.
Select the plus sign
  1. Search for the courses you want to associate with your program in the panel that appears.
  2. Select the plus sign to select a course. It will turn into a green checkmark. Select as many courses as you need.
  3. Select Save.
    After the courses have been associated with the program, you will see them on the Add Program screen. You can select Course Prerequisites to see the prerequisites for each course.
  4. Select the purple plus sign again to change your course selection. Choose the appropriate courses and select Save.

Configure another language

  1. Select the purple plus sign in the Language Configurations section.
Select the plus sign
  1. Choose a new Language.
  2. Write the Name, Summary, and Description in the new language.
  3. Select Save.