The User Workflow Manager (UWM) extension allows account self-creation through a customizable sign-up form and account and enrollment notifications. The UWM extension is configured by a Blackboard Learn system administrator.

General Settings

  1. Sign in to Blackboard Learn.
  2. Select Admin in the navigation menu.
  3. Select Platform Extensions Manager in the Tools and Utilities section.
  4. Select the Configuration icon on the User Workflow Manager v2 tile to access the User Workflow Manager v2 Settings.
  5. Select the Enable toggle to enable the extension.
  6. Choose the Data Source Key given to users who are self-creating accounts.
  7. The From Email is the email address from which system notifications will be sent. To change it, please put in the desired address and validate it (click the Confirm button, then follow the instructions). Once the email is validated, create a ticket to have the change finalized.
  8. Select all desired Available Languages from the menu.
  9. Select the Default Language from the menu.
  10. Enter a Login URL if you want to override the Sign In link.

Auto Enroll

You can configure UWM so that a learner is automatically enrolled in an offering as soon as they create a TDM account.

  1. Select the Enable toggle to enable the auto-enroll workflow.
  2. Choose the Availability of the offering.
  3. Specify the Learn Course ID of the offering into which users should be enrolled.
  4. Select Save.

Role Configuration

  1. Access the User Workflow Manager v2 Settings.
  2. Select the Roles icon.
Roles icon
  1. Choose from each menu which roles you want to have access to each area of UWM. These can be a combination of system and institution roles.
    • UWM Admin - grants access to enrollment notifications in TDM.
    • Learner - Institution role(s) - identifies the institution role(s) given to new users.
    • Learner- System roles(s) - identifies the system role(s) given to new users.
  2. Select Save.