The Certificate Manager extension allows certificates to be awarded to learners in TDM based on measures defined by the certificate managers. The Certificate Manager extension is configured by a Blackboard Learn system admin.

General Configuration

  1. Sign in to Blackboard Learn.
  2. Select Admin in the navigation menu.
  3. Select Platform Extensions Manager in the Tools and Utilities section.
  4. Select the Configuration icon on the Certificate Manager v2 tile to access the Certificate Manager v2 Settings.
  5. Select the Enable toggle to enable the extension.
  6. Select the Certificate Authenticity toggle to enable a public tool that can be used to check certificates for authenticity.
  7. Select Change Image to upload an image that will be used as the default image for certificate tiles.
  8. Select all desired Available Languages from the menu.
  9. Select the Default Language from the menu.
  10. Select Tags to configure certificate tags.
  11. Select the Enable Learner Certificates toggle to allow learners to view and download their own certificates.
  12. Select Save.

Configure Tags

Each certificate can have a tag, such as achievement or attendance, that classifies it in TDM. The system admin defines these tags.

  1. Access the Certificate Manager v2 Settings.
  2. Select Configure Tags.
  3. Type a Tag ID of your choice.
  4. Select the tag Language from the menu.
  5. Type a Tag name.
  6. Select Create.
Create tags interface
  1. Optionally, add another language to a tag or delete it after it is created from the ellipsis icon on the tag row.
    • Choose Manage Language to add another language for the tag. Select the new language from the menu, enter the tag name in the new language, and select Update.
    • Choose Delete to delete the tag.
  2. Select Save.

Role Configuration

  1. Access the Certificate Manager v2 Settings.
  2. Select the Roles icon.
Roles icon
  1. Choose from each menu which roles you want to have access to each area of Certificate Manager. These roles can be a combination of system and institution roles.
    • Certificate Template Managers can upload certificate templates to TDM.
    • Certificate and Progress Assigners can assign certificates and progress to offerings in TDM.
    • Learners can earn certificates and have access to download them.
  2. Select Save.