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Blackboard Assist is a central hub for both online and on-campus resources meant to drive your success. Try out any of the listed service easily and subscribe to the services that best suit your needs.

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Some services may require a subscription fee to use.

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Each service, institutional and featured, allows you to try out the service directly from the Blackboard Assist page in Learn. Institutional services are offered by your institution. Partner services are offered by institution partners or third-party vendors. Featured services are highlighted by your institution and can be institutional or third-party vendors.

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Your institution can highlight two Featured Services. All other services are listed below the featured services. Each service includes the service title, a description of the service, and a service category. Institutional services are highlighted with your institution logo.

Some services require you to create an account to use the service. Select Try it out to preview the service without an account. If you create an account in the service, you can still access it through the Assist page.

Ally File Transformer in Blackboard Assist (North America availability)

Using Ally File Transformer, you can convert your digital course files (as well as any other digital file) into an alternative format to better fit your needs, devices, and learning preferences.

  • Ally File Transformer converts digital files to alternative, more accessible formats, including HTML, ePub, electronic braille, audio, BeeLine reader, as well as to a PDF that’s undergone optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Ally File Transformer allows you to convert course files, your own files, and files you've found via research or project work.
  • Ally File Transformer is available through the Blackboard Assist tool within Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Assist must be enabled by your institution in order for you to access Ally File Transformer.
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