You can include links to other webpages within your website. The permission to add links is available to super users in charge of webpages. Here are some examples:

  • District links can include external websites of interest to the community (added at the district level by the district super user).
  • School links can include the websites of scholarship information or parent help centers (added at the school level by the school super user).
  • Class links can include articles about topics in your subject, or other class related websites you want to share with your students (added at the class page by the teacher).
  • Sport page links can include different exercise and health websites (added at the sport page by the coach).

You can also use the Quick Add feature to quickly add content by typing directly on your webpage.

How to Add Links to Your Website

This topic steps you through adding links to the Links section of your webpage. You can also add links to documents and folders.

Watch a Tutorial: Adding Links

  1. From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the edit mode.
  2. Hover over the Links box, and click the Add an item to this box
    icon to access the Link Title box.
  3. Type the name of the link in the Link Title box.
  4. Click Create Now to access the Create Document page.
  5. Type a brief summary for the link in the Document Summary box. This summary will appear when a visitor hovers over the name of the link.
  6. If you want the link to appear on the calendar, type or select the date in the Calendar Date box.
  7. Type or paste the web address of the webpage in the Link to the following URL box, or click Link to search for an existing Edline resource (such as a document, folder, or class).
  8. Select View Link in a New Window When Clicked to have the link open in a new web browser window. (Blackboard recommends selecting this option for links to external websites.)
  9. Optional: Make any changes to the link visibility and multi-posting of the link to several webpages:
    • To select multiple classes or groups to access the link (especially helpful for teachers that instruct multiple classes on the same subject) click Multipost.
    • To limit the type of users that can view the link or to add start and stop dates for the visibility of the item click Visibility.
  10. Click Save and Return to add the link.
  11. Click Done to exit the edit mode.