Teachers, coaches, and other district or school officials may create online discussions or blogs through Edline. Discussion boards are a helpful way to facilitate discussion about a particular topic, or gather feedback from a specific group of users. Blogs allow teachers, coaches, and counselors to write articles of interest to school members. The comments may be monitored for appropriate content.

Discussions and blogs can be made visible to school personnel only, students in a particular class, or parents replying to an opinion poll. Depending on the permission, the discussion or blog may be available to all types of users. including guests, to read. Your school may also allow for anonymous responses to gather feedback; however, only users logged into Edline will be able to enter comments (not guests, for security purposes). The online discussion board and blog will be available as a link on the webpage.

How to Participate in an Online Discussion

  1. Open the webpage or folder with the discussion you want to join, or the blog where you want to add a comment.
  2. To open the discussion or blog, click the link on the webpage.
  3. To enter a new comment, type your comment in the text box and click Post Comment.
  4. To reply to an existing comment, click Reply, then type the comment and click Post Comment.
  5. If you do not want your name listed, select Anonymous Comment.

Anonymous Comment is only available if your school sets the field as available.

Your response may need to be reviewed before being posted.