Your school can include a staff directory which students, parents, faulty, and guests may be able to access from their school or district website. From here you can view the teacher's or other staff member's profile picture, list of classes they teach, sports or activities they manage, and any other additional biographical information the staff member provides.

Districts and schools can determine whether or not to include the directory and whether guests that do not log into Edline can review the directory.

How to Open the Staff Directory

  1. From the Tools menu of your school or district website, click Staff Directory.
  2. If you accessed the directory from your district website, you will need to select a specific school or All Schools from the School drop-down list on the Staff Directory page.
  3. To view the basic profile information, click the name of the staff member. The names will be listed alphabetically.

    The pop-up dialog will contain the name of the teacher or staff member, their picture, title, school name, email address with a link to send an email, and the phone number with the extension.

    When a user is not logged into Edline, such as a guest of the school's website, the school may display email address as an obscure, computerized version and not as a hypertext link.

  4. For more information about the teacher, click Full Profile to access the Profile page.
  5. Click the links available in the Classes or Activities and Sports section to open one of those webpages.
  6. Click Done when finished.