After a session has been recorded, the session creator, and anyone who was invited to the session through the SAS, will be sent a Recording Notification email (like the one below) when the recording is ready.

When you convert a recording to MP3 or MP4, you will be sent a Recording Conversion Notification email (like the one below) when the conversion is complete.

Play the Recording

To play the recording, click the link View the Blackboard Collaborate recording in the Recording Notification email or the link View the Blackboard Collaborate recording and available conversions in the Recording Conversion Notification email.

If only the original Blackboard Collaborate recording format is available, you will be prompted to open it. However, if the recording was converted to MP3 or MP4, you are presented with a web page from which to select your appropriate recording format.

Click the appropriate recording link to initiate playback. The full interactive Blackboard Collaborate recording will open up in the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing interface and MP3 and MP4 recordings will open in a media player embedded in your browser.

There is a limit to the number of MP4 views (including downloads) that are allowed by your institution per year: the default is 10,000 views per year per login group. If this limit is reached, you will be prompted to view the recording in the original, native Blackboard Collaborate format (VCR file).

Download the MP3 or MP4 Recording to Play Later

To download the file to your desktop or Android device to play it later, click the Download button in the embedded media player. (To open the player, see Playing the Recording above.)

To access the file from your iOS device, download the file to your desktop/laptop computer and then use iTunes to copy/sync the file to your iPad or iPhone.

Distribute the Recording Link

The most straight forward way to distribute the recording link is to just forward the email. However, if you want to post the link online, copy it from the email by right-clicking (Control-Click on Mac) on it and selecting Copy Link Location from the context menu.

Anyone can play any recording (except for Private recordings), as long as they have the link - even if the recording is not accessible from their My Recordings page.

Deleting a session does not delete its recordings. However, recordings of deleted sessions cannot be opened from a link in an email notification. Use the playback link from the Recordings screen of the File utility instead. To learn more, see the Access Recordings on the Utilities Pages.