Platform Extensions 2.9 | Released April 18, 2024


Key Features:

Learner Enrollment
  • You can require learners to use an access code to register for a free course, so only learners who have an access code can register for that course.
Allow access codes toggle
  • You can allow learners to self-unenroll from free courses and set up email templates to be sent to learners and administrators when a learner unenrolls from an offering.
Allow unenroll toggle and unenroll options
  • Learners can unenroll from an offering on the dashboard if the offering has been configured to allow self-unenrollment. 
Unenroll from dashboard
Admin Actions
  • Administrators can search for user profiles.
User Profile Search
  • Administrators can search for a payment with a third-party transaction ID.
  • You can block users from signing up to TDM based on their email domain - if the email is from a specific domain, the learner will not be allowed to register.
  • You can assign custom text for modalities and prices.
Modalities settings
  • You can choose which options are enabled for filtering the catalog.
Available filters
  • You can choose to allow or not allow learners to view and download certificates.
Enable Learner Certificates
  • Administrators can view data about learners' certificates and download that data in CSV format.
Download certificate data as CSV

Various updates and bug fixes, including:

  • Administrators are now able to update the Managed Enrollment email notification template.
  • The date picker now works as expected when the keyboard is used to input dates.
  • Courses are now visible in the catalog to users assigned to more than one node.


Key Features:

Oauth2 Authentication

New authentication source for authenticating with Oauth2 and external APIs, which allows adding SSO from applications that support standard ReST services.

Token Authentication
  • Integration with Blackboard Learn username and password authentication for adding email token MFA to the login process.
  • Now supports the selection of up to two email addresses.
  • The UI can be customized with an external CSS file.
Routing Authentication
  • Support for routing by Datasource.
  • Support for redirecting to a specific location after login (new_loc parameter).
SAML IDP Secured Resource

Provides the ability to add token MFA authentication to a SAML login flow.

Various updates and bug fixes, including:

  • Logging now includes IP address.
  • Public and private SAML key configurations are no longer required to be base64 encoded.