Platform Extensions | Released February 1, 2024

TDM 2.8

Key Features:

User Interface
You can set a banner and a logo for each theme so a user's role determines which banner and logo they see.

Configure banner and logo for theme

Learner Profiles

  • A system admin can enable learner profiles from the TDM v2 configuration screen in Platform Extensions Manager.

Before user profiles are enabled, a configuration setting must be updated. Please submit a ticket to have this done before you enable learner profiles.

  • The learner can click on their username and profile picture in the navigation column to access their profile.
  • The learner can edit their profile if an admin has updated the JSON schema on the sign-up form to allow the editing. For assistance with this task, please submit a ticket.
  • You can configure a notification email that will be sent to learners each time a profile update is saved.
Notifiction email for profile changes

You can view the third-party Transaction ID for a PayPal transaction in its payment history along with the TDM Transaction ID.

Account Creation

  • You can restrict users who can sign up for TDM based on their email address. Only users with email from one or more allowed domains (such as will be able to register. Please submit a ticket for assistance with this task.
  • You can set up automatic enrollment in a specific course after an account has been created from the User Workflow Manager v2 screen in Platform Extensions Manager.
Auto enroll settings

Various bug fixes and updates, including:

The Sign In, Sign Up, and Sign Out links have been moved to the navigation panel.

Sign up and sign in links

The "Constrain Proportions" option now works properly for images on the homepage.


Reporting Framework v2 and Grades Journey v2

Reporting Framework v2 and Grades Journey v2 have been released and will now be visible under Platform Extensions on the admin panel in Blackboard Learn. If you are currently using v1 of these products and would like to migrate to v2, please contact your account representative.