Platform Extensions | Released December 19, 2023

TDM v2.7

Key Features:

Offering Information Screen

  • Offering rows are color-coded based on course dates and availability:
    • Red - past course
    • Blue - future course
    • Green - active course
    • Yellow - unavailable course
  • Offering rows show the course dates when you select More Information
Offering rows displaying dates and coded by color.

Learner Enrollment
You can add the Max Enrollments to the offering. When you do, the number of seats remaining in the course will be displayed on the course details panel in the catalog.

Seats remaining in offering

Automatic ID Generation
You can enable automatic ID generation for course, offering, and program IDs in the TDM Settings area on the General Settings tab.

Enable autogeneration for IDs

Program Enrollment
You can set enrollment and availability dates for programs. 

Enrollment dates for programs in TDM

Institutional Hierarchy

  • A system admin can enable institutional hierarchy from the TDM configuration screen under Platform Extensions on the Admin Panel. 
Enable institutional hierarchy for TDM.
  • You can enable a setting allowing catalog visibility outside nodes in the TDM Settings area on the General Settings tab. This allows users within nodes to see offerings that are not assigned to nodes.
Enable catalog visibility outside of nodes
  • You can use a node picker to add a node to each offering.
Add node to offering with node picker

Learner Progress
A system admin can enable or disable the progress tool for TDM.

Enable progress for TDM

Sign Up Form
You can define the JSON configuration for the TDM sign up form to allow a dropdown of roles that map to Learn roles. When a learner creates an account, they can choose a role and their account will be created with that role. You can submit a ticket for help with that process. 

Various bug fixes and updates, including:

  • The progress tool operator was updated to be "greater than or equal to."
  • The total possible score was added to the Gradebook Item dropdown in the Assign Certificate panel.
  • The Homepage catalog links now click through in all languages.