Platform Extensions| Released November 2, 2023

Grade Export and Grades Journey

The feature known as "Grades Journey Standard," frequently referred to as "Grades Journey," has been renamed. Now known as "Grade Export," its functionalities and capabilities remain the same. It is a back-end feature that allows grades to be exported to anywhere required by an institution, such as an SFTP server in a CSV file or similar flat file format. Administrators can enable and configure this feature following instructions featured in the admin guides; should they need more guidance on enablement, the grade export implementation service is available at an extra cost. Likewise, "Grades Journey Premium" has been renamed "Grades Journey." From November 2023, Grades Journey refers only to the upsell offering Blackboard Learn extension.

TDM v2.6.1

Key Features:

  • Offering Creation
    When creating an offering, you no longer have to close the offering and reopen it to add a certificate or progress to the offering. Instead, you can click Next, the offering is created, and you are directed to the portion of the screen where you can add a certificate or progress.
    Next button on Create Offering screen

Various bug fixes and updates.