Platform Extensions| Released October 19, 2023

Extended Course Management v2

Extended Course Management v2 (ECM) is a Blackboard Learn extension that allows users to perform select administrative tasks in Blackboard Learn courses. ECM can be used to give instructors and other non-administrative users the ability to merge and separate courses (for example, these permissions could be given to an instructional designer role for a department or to instructors for their own courses). When courses are merged, instructors only have to manage and update content in the parent course.

Reporting Framework v2

Reporting Framework v2 is a Blackboard Learn Extension that works as a data reporting tool. The extension provides the ability for administrators to configure reports for use by Blackboard Learn users or schedule reports for delivery to other storage systems.

The Reporting Framework v2 Extension allows you to

  • enhance your LMS instance with access to all data collected from faculty and learner engagement in Blackboard Learn.
  • extract data from Blackboard Learn through reports that can be emailed or made available to selected users.
  • subscribe to standard reports.
  • create custom reports against raw Blackboard Learn data.
  • create custom reports against other data sources like BB data.
  • schedule and deliver reports based on parameters established by your institution.

TDM v2.6

Key Features:

  • Course Creation
    When choosing a course template, you will no longer have to choose a course that has been marked as a template in Blackboard Learn. When you select Course template search, you will see the advanced course search in the Blackboard Learn environment. The courses you choose will be saved in the Associate Course Templates box in a comma-separated list of IDs.
    Course Template Search in Create Course
  • Payments
    • You can order your payment search results by column.
      Location to sort payment table
    • You can filter by date within the payment search results.
      Filter the payment table by date
    • You can download the payment search results as a CSV file.
    • You can copy and paste the data from an individual transaction.
      Transaction information to be copied and pasted
    • Learners can view and copy transaction data from their courses.
      Link to learner payment transaction information
    • You can set up a payment information message to show to learners on the payment page.
  • User Interface
    The HTML editor used throughout the extension now has a source mode that allows direct HTML editing.
    Location of source button in HTML editor
  • Certificates
    Certificate authenticity allows learners to generate an authenticity link that they can share that will display their certificate along with the generated date and the validity date. Each certificate generates a unique ID.
    Certificate Authenticity link
    The learner will have the option in settings to allow some private data to be shown, which will allow the learner's name to be displayed along with the certificate dates.
    The certificate of authenticity
  • Homepage
    • Categories can be shown as a carousel on the homepage; when you click on one of the category tiles, it will take you to a view of the catalog already filtered to that category.
      Categories carousel on homepage
    • A new page with subpages can be added to the navigation column under the catalog link, containing whatever information you'd like.
      Information page below Catalog on navigation pane
  • Navigation
    You can create a link to courses with a specific category or tag within the catalog that can be shared with others.
    Create link to courses filtered by category

Various bug fixes and updates, including:

  • On the homepage, videos now display properly.
  • The help icon is working on the Certificates and Progress tabs.
  • Help text has been updated on the Administrator screens.
  • Courses can no longer be saved without a name when adding additional languages.