Calendar REST API: Enable non-3LO users to manage personal, course/organization, and institution calendars – 3900.78

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Impact: Administrators

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Calendars play a vital role in helping users manage academic schedules and deadlines. With calendar integration, users gain greater control and flexibility in managing their events.

In the past, the Three-Legged OAuth (3LO) access rule caused limitations. This affected users who wanted to integrate external calendaring systems with Blackboard Learn. It was also difficult to develop integrations via API that synchronize calendar events.

Now, with the latest enhancements for Calendar API, non-3LO users can:

  • retrieve
  • create
  • update, and
  • delete calendar events in Learn.

Moreover, users can integrate external calendar systems with the Learn Calendars. This includes Personal, Course/Organization, and System calendars.

For administrators: To use the endpoints, the REST integration user must have full calendar privileges. To enable integration with Learn calendars, users do not have to be enrolled in a course. When users attempt to create a Course Schedule or Office Hours event, course membership will be checked for that event type.

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