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Anonymous Grading in Flexible Grading view – 3900.78

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Impact: Instructors

Instructors can reduce grading bias for high-stakes assessments by enabling anonymous grading. Many consider it an important grading approach.

Anonymous grading is now available in the new Flexible Grading experience. Instructors can now complete the following tasks and actions:

  • Grade test and assignment submissions by student
  • Filter on grading status of choice
  • Navigate between students and multiple submission attempts
  • Keep track of grading progress
  • View both the attempt- and the final grade for each assessment
  • Provide meaningful feedback, with or without a rubric
  • Grade inline using Blackboard Annotate
  • Collapse side panels to view more of the student submission
  • Show an originality score if SafeAssign is used

We plan to support anonymous grading for tests by question in a future release.

Image 1. Instructor uses a rubric to grade an anonymous submission

Instructor uses a rubric to grade an anonymous submission

For administrators: This feature is available in Ultra Experience Management and is "On" by default to ensure the Flexible Grading interface is available to users. You can turn off the Flexible Grading interface by setting this feature to "Off."

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