Migration Tools (Kaltura Course Content) – 3900.76

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Impact: Administrators

We are committed to ensuring a smoother transition experience ahead of the removal of Building Blocks. To help, we've enhanced Building Block content migration related to converting Kaltura content in Original Courses. The conversion transforms Building Block links to LTI links.

Administrators can manage placements through intuitive drop-down menus, simplifying the Building Block transition process.

The Content Migration Tool service for Kaltura can be accessed through Administrator Tools.

Image 1. Content Migration Tool

Content Migration Tool

Administrators will find a dedicated location for configuring settings.

Image 2. Migration Service Settings

Migration Service Settings

Administrators can select the required IDs and leverage custom parameters for course details and migrated content.

Image 3. Migration settings for Kaltura

Migration settings for Kaltura

Once configurations are set, administrators can manage placements seamlessly. They can select the courses to migrate to and monitor the status of the migrated courses.

Image 4. Content Migration Tool

Content Migration Tool

A course search function will display the courses (enabled or disabled) that contain the content links to be migrated. This has a designated time range for the search.

Image 5. Example – courses that contain Kaltura content links

Courses that contain Kaltura content links

Administrators can easily track the status of courses selected for content link migration. They can search for migration link statuses for each course based on a specified time range.

Image 6. Search options for identifying courses for migration

Search options for identifying courses for migration

This tool has been designed to accommodate other B2s and to allow for future enhancements without major changes to the interface.

For administrators: For optimal performance, select a maximum of two semesters during content migration process.

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