Student Activity report for Assessments enhancements for small devices and the Mobile app – 3900.76

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Impact: Instructors
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Instructors lead busy, on-the-go lives and access Learn from a variety of devices. To provide a better experience on small devices, we have added more capabilities for the Student Activity report for assessments. Instructors can access this report from their mobile devices with greater flexibility.

Now, in addition to a student’s name and grade, instructors can view student information on small screens:

  • Late submission indicator
  • Date opened
  • Date started
  • Attempts

Instructors can download the report in CSV format from small devices.

Image 1. Student Activity report for an assessment on a small screen

Student Activity report for an assessment on a small screen

The “Time to open” metric is no longer available in the Student Activity report. This metric was deprecated based on user feedback. The activity timeline chart is not available on small devices due to space restrictions. The messaging option from this report is planned for a future release.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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